A new gin and tonic tasting set just in time for Christmas

 With the upcoming festive season round the corner, it seems apt that our upcoming Gin & Tonic Tasting Set features a seasonal gin made especially for the occasion. Produced by the same award winning producers of Mr Black coffee liqueur and the multiple award winner Moores Dry Gin, the We Three Kings is so new, it's not available in any shops but only at the cellar door at present.  

Named after the three royal travellers who visited Jesus bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, the gin itself features those three elements. YES, THERE ARE ACTUAL GOLD FLAKES IN THE GIN and as distiller Phillip Moore likes to joke, each bottle comes with a security guard attached. 

Evoking the spirit of the season, this is a nicely spiced number which still retains the characteristic juniper essence of gin. It's good over ice but we've included 5 different tonics to go with it, including two that are the specific preference of Philip himself. As for the wild card mixer? You'll have to get the set to find out!

Given the limited edition nature of this bottling, we've managed to secure a certain number for our sets so once we run out we run out. With a retail price of $99 for the gin alone, you'll be getting fantastic value in the sets, which comes with the tonics and tasting cards as well as free shipping.

Australia Christmas Gin We Three Kings Distillery Botanica

Yes, Toto, those are real gold flakes in the bottle.



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