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Our latest gin and tonic set is blooming beautiful

Explore the world of floral gin and tonics with our spring-inspired new tonic tasting set - featuring an underrated gin from one of the world's few female master gin distillers, and a range of tonics that play on the garden theme. 

Bloom Gin was launched in 2008, the creation of G&J Greenall master distiller Joanne Moore. Tasked with creating a new gin, Joanne chose the rather unusual combination of honeysuckle, pomelo and chamomile to complement the traditional gin botanicals. Widely acknowledged as being a fresh masterstroke in interpretation of the modern gin at the time, Bloom manages to retain a juniper presence with a delicate floral profile. 

To complement the flavour profile of the gin, we've corralled the best of the floral-inspired tonics on the Australian market, including three that are not available in bottle shops or liquor stores at present.


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