Our new G&T set features a gin that is black (magic)

This year, we're proud to bring to you the world's first naturally black gin as part of a magical G&T tasting set. The colour of the gin is achieved via the distillation at certain temperature of certain botanicals at certain sequences. Science, or just pure magic?

Not only that, thanks to the properties of one of the botanicals used, the gin changes colour from black to shades of pink/purple when tonic is mixed in. So for the first time, not only are you tasting the tonics, you'll be using them to see how each chosen tonic influences the shade of colour the gin changes to. The tonic line up includes a selection from fellow Kiwi producer, East Imperial and the debut of another new tonic expression to the Australian market. 


When Scapegrace Gin announced the release, they sold out within 24 hours. Now, a limited allocation is making its way to Australia so be one of the first to try it out.

As always, each set includes:

  • Full sized bottle of gin
  • 5 x tonics 
  • 1 x wild card mixer
  • Tasting cards
  • Free shipping within Australia



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