See in Autumn with a Rhubarb inspired gin and tonic tasting set

With the weather becoming cooler, we're exploring autumnal flavours, and rhubarb is (g)in. Yep, for this set, we've scored a limited edition Stone Pine Distillery Rhubarb Gin, which is made from all natural colours and ingredients (the colour comes from the infusion of the vegetable in the gin). We've paired the mixers specifically to the rhubarb; there's 3 tonics from 3 different boutique producers and they share a common ingredient that pairs well with rhubarb. It'll be your chance to try these three tonics side by side to see how well they champion this particular botanical and whether that botanical comes across in each of them, and to what degree. 

We've departed from our norm for this set though - for the other 3 mixers, we've gone rogue and chosen something you wouldn't think of but goes well with rhubarb! Clue in the background and they each also share a common ingredient that is a classic pairing with rhubarb. 


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