Taste and match some unique South African gins and tonics

For our Autumn tasting sets, we're heading to South Africa!

For the first time in Australia, we're featuring an exclusive all South-African lineup of tonics and gins. The tonics all feature botanicals unique to the country's landscape, as does the gins. We've matched them up so you can decide which tonic pairs better with the gin.

That's not all.

For the first time ever, we're also featuring as the wild card, a BLUE tonic from a producer who is outselling even Fever-Tree in South Africa.

The tonics

The tonics are from craft producer Barker & Quin, who have taken the South African market by storm with their uniquely flavoured tonics such as hibiscus, marula and honeybush.

Instead of our usual wild card mixer, we're including a tonic from fellow South African producer Fitch & Leedes, which outsells Fever-Tree domestically such is its popularity. They've come up with some distinctive flavours, including what is believed to be the world's first blue tonic that features flavours of blueberry and cardamom, as well as the pretty in pink rose and cucumber tonic.

The gins

We’ve matched the tonics with gins from renowned producer Deep South Distillery, which also uses some of the same botanicals. As one of the country's newest craft distilleries, they opened their doors in December 2017 but have already established a great reputation for making spirits that pay homage to the unique flora and surroundings of the Cape Peninsula where the distillery is situated. 

The Cape Dry gin is the distillery's version of a classic gin, but with added botanicals from the Cape such as mountain buchus.

The Ruby Red gin is the distillery's interpretation of a floral gin, which gets its striking red colour and flavour from the hibiscus flower.

                  Cape Dry GinDeep South Ruby Gin

You choose

For our Autumn set, you get to choose which gin you would prefer in your set. Your choice of gin will dictate the Wild Card tonic you get in your box.

  • The Cape Dry Gin will come with the blue tonic; and
  • The Ruby Gin will come with the pink tonic

As usual, all our sets come with tonic tasting cards and instruction sheet for how to host your own tasting at home. Shipping from the first week of March.

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