A unique gin and tonic...from one of Australia's oldest breweries

Unveiling Australia's first gin AND tonic, all made by the one producer in Victoria. Find out how you can be among the first to try the range in the comfort of your own home.

Taste and match some unique South African gins and tonics

Play Tonic Tinder with us South African style, with our Autumn tonic tasting set! Featuring a unique line up of tonics and gin from South Africa that is not available in any bottle shops.

Help a Farmer with our summer gin and tonic tasting set

Drink gin and minimise waste? You can do your bit for our environment whilst still having fun with our limited edition strawberry gin and tonic tasting set just in time for summer.

Spring has sprung with our September set

This spring, be the first to discover a new range of tonics coming out of the Netherlands, which we've matched to an unusual Scottish and Japanese fusion gin that epitomises the first bloom.