Hippocampus Vodka 700ml

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It's a vodka distilled in Western Australia using 100% locally grown wheat from the Southern Wheatbelt of Western Australia. These wheat farmers have been farming and use no artificial chemicals on their soil or plants. The wheat is then fermented in all batches with filtered water and distilled in a traditional 450 litre German copper pot still called Kylie. The still has attached to it 2 x 10 plate columns, which effectively means the spirit is distilled multiple times. 

The finished product is non filtered but blended with purified water before being bottled by hand. 

The result is a local style of vodka that is incredibly soft, rich and smooth. The nose has a beautiful vanilla aroma and the palate is smooth, clean and rich with no harsh flavours. 

Alcoholic strength: 40% ABV


Hippocampus Metropolitan Distillery was founded by a group of friends Alex, Jason and Jye (pictured above in the wheat fields that supply their grain) who all met working in the brewing industry and had a vision of building on their brewing experience and making distinctive small batch spirits in Australia.

Distiller Alex is a craft brewer by trade and gained distilling experience in Norway in addition to some personal experimentation particularly with botanical infusions. Jason has worked in the local beer and wine industry at the pioneering end for more than a decade, whilst Jye has lived and breathed good hospitality and liquor since he was of an age to legally bend a tap and mix a drink behind a bar. Initially based out of Western Australia but now Melbourne, the distillery produced its first vodka batch in early 2015. 


This vodka is so clean and crisp, it'd go well in a vodka and tonic.

For something a little fancier, why not try our version of this classic?

French Martini

  • Shake 60 ml of Hippocampus vodka, 15 ml of Distillery Botanica Raspberry liqueur and 45 ml pineapple juice with ice. 
  • Garnish with pineapple spear or fresh raspberries on a stick. 


The “hippocampus” is a part of the brain that forms new memories and connects emotions and senses, such as smell and taste, to memories. 

Hippo is also greek for horse and kampus means sea monster. Hence the eccentrically dressed seahorse on the label.