Jensen's Bermondsey London Dry Gin 700ml

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Jensen's Bermondsey London Dry gin is made using a recipe taken from a handwritten distiller's notebook dating from the 1840s, using clean wheat base spirit and heavy on classic gin botanicals.It is not as juniper heavy but is a more delicate and balanced representation of the classic London Dry gin style. The botanicals are added to the still dried and then steeped to release their flavour. 

On the nose, there is a musky floral aroma, balanced by citrus and juniper. On the palate, the mouthfeel is soft and gives way to an aromatic and gentle spice. There is a citrus on the finish. 

Alcoholic strength: 43%


Founder Christian Jensen first became aware of vintage bottling of London gins while working in Japan as a consultant in the world of information technology. The story goes that he was in one of Tokyo's infamous bars when he was given a drink containing an old gin made in London at a now closed distillery. Over the ensuing months Christian would stop by this bar regularly to have the same drink. When it came time to return to London, the bar owner gave Christian his last remaining bottle of that gin, which was possibly also the last in the world. When he was back in London, he set about tracking down further bottles of his beloved gin and his search yielded the recipe for it from a public records office. With the help of Charles Maxwell at Thames Distillers, Christian reproduced the gin he had first tasted in Japan and so Jensen's Bermondsey London Dry Gin was born. In addition to the recipe for the London Dry Gin, Christian had also unearthed various other gin recipes from the same closed distillery, one of which was the recipe for the Old Tom Gin.

Although initially distilled under contract with Thames Distillers, Jensen's London Dry and Old Tom Gin have since 2013 moved production to its very distillery in Bermondsey. Today, all of Jensen's gins are distilled in Bermondsey Distillery under the expertise of master distiller Dr Anne Brock, who has a DPhil in organic chemistry.


This goes perfectly in a dry martini and we're not the only ones who think so. Try this recipe by Australian gin aficionado, the Martini Whisperer:

  • Stir 10ml of Dolin Vermouth to 50ml of Jensen’s Bermondsey London Dry Gin in a cocktail shaker filled with ice
  • Strain into chilled martini glass

"It made for a very elegant Martini that has perfect manners. No one botanical dominated, rather it was a harmonious whole. Although it can be versatile enough in a range of cocktails, or a G+T, it seems to me that this gin is destined for the Martini."

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