McHenry Puer Vodka 700ml

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Puer’s (pronounced Pure) is a triple distilled vodka from a base of neutral Australian cane spirit, so chosen because the distillery believes cane spirit to be cleaner than neutral grain spirit. The nose is light and easy – there’s a touch of vanilla, but you really have to go looking for it. The vanilla is more prominent on the tongue, and especially in the sides and back of the mouth, along with a slight nutty undertone. It has a beautiful mouth-feel and just a bit of the traditional vodka burn as it goes down. 

Alcoholic strength: 40% ABV


*Photo credit - Peter Jarvis

William McHenry & Sons Distillery rests on the side of Mount Arthur and is located on the Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania. The distillery is Australia’s southern-most whisky distillery and with its family heritage makes it the southernmost family run distillery in the world.

William McHenry used to work in the corporate world before giving it up to chase an interest in distilling spirits, more specifically whisky. The idea for the distillery came about from a conversation he had with his neighbour at a BBQ in 2006 when they were talking about alternative careers. His neighbour said that with a name like William McHenry he ought to be playing bagpipes and making whisky. William became enamoured with the idea and 2 years later in 2008, he bought the property in Tasmania in which the distillery is now located before the entire family moved down to Tasmania in 2010. He chose the location on which the distillery is located for its southern location which takes advantage of the cool moist maritime environment, which gives maturing spirit the right condition to make the most of its time in wooden barrels. The property also has its own abundant pure spring water which becomes the heart of the developing spirit. The still is a 500 litre copper still that is manufactured in Tasmania.